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Good Wife Krissy

Krissy's STILL Married to a CUCK! (I'm Back!=)

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Seven years ago I was getting married to the love of my life; a sexy strong Alpha Male who vowed to take care of me for life.
I was 22 years old and he was 40.
Our sex life was never exactly great but I dealt with it because I was a woman in love.
Until about two years ago...
I came home from a family trip a day early to surprise my Macho Man with his birthday gift. But I was the one who was in for a the surprise of my life!
As I approached our bedroom I heard some laughter and strange slurping sounds. I put my ear to the door. I heard a man's moans and groans.
I barged in the room expecting to find him with another woman. But what I found was nothing of the sort!
There was my Manly Man on his knees sucking a huge black cock! He always called himself a "man's man" but I had no clue he meant that literally!! I was DEVASTATED!

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Then I got PISSED!
"Just wait until I tell all of your rich friends and your employees what a fucking faggot you are!!" I screamed at him.
"Oh, no please! You can't tell my colleagues! I'll loose everything I have worked for! Ill do anything you ask! Please!" he begged.
Then I got an idea... I would make him my bitch!.

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As long as I knew his little secret he would do anything I said! No matter how DEGRADING!
Now when he sucks cock, it's on my watch.
I have a few guys who like cucks and I am married to the KING OF CUCKS!
I get to have so much fun with my new little pet!
I love feeling his tongue lick my pussy after a nice hard fuck! I adore making him watch me get banged in the pussy that he no longer has the privilege of fucking!
I am so glad he is a loser because now all I do is WIN!.

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Now don't get me wrong, I am not always mean to my cock sucking husband.
In fact, I have become his therapist... (Check out my other listing)
We have had many in depth conversations about his cum drinking ways. And I understand his need for cock...
And now he understands mine.
The only question now is would you like to understand my need for cock? Would you like to join me in hard core cum sessions? I know I need to feel your hard cock inside me. I want you to leave your cock juice inside of my holes. I am just a phone call away baby. Call Krissy...I want your cock and I want it now...

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