Phone Sex

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I'm Riley, but you will call me Mistress or Ma'am or Goddess.

Men like you crave beautiful, dominant women like me.
But men like you know you can never have a woman like me.

You've learned the only way to keep my attention is to pay me for it.

I am deceptively sweet, and you will come to crave the sound of my voice, you will become addicted to pleasing me, spoiling me, serving me.

When you crave the humilation.

When you need the mindfuck of being blackmailed.

When you're feeling weak and horny and you can't stop thinking about me taking every dime.

When you're a loser with a tiny little dick who can't get women to look his way.

When you've finally figured out that you can't resist me.

And I will empty your wallet and drain your bank accounts.
But keep in mind, the moment you stop giving me what I want is the moment I forget you exist...



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