Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hello there. I'm a HypnoDom, a dominant that uses hypnosis, NLP and other forms of subtle mind control to enhance and expand your desires and experiences. You can explore most any fetish in a safe, sane and consensual way, all without any harm to your life in the long term (except your pocket book of course). I have been practicing hypnoerotica and hypno-domination for over 15 years.

By being put into a mild trance state, you can experience the things you desire.... If you want to feel the sting of a whip or the heavy thud of a flogger, you can feel those things. If you want to feel being choked but never pass out from the loss of oxygen, you can feel these things. If you want to feel man after man use your body for their own pleasure, you can feel these things too. If you want to ride the emotional roller coaster all the way down and feel as low, worthless, degraded and humiliated, you can feel those things as well.

My personal favorite fetishes are transformation fetishes. Examples of these include but are not limited to:
And more. In short, if you have a deep dark desire to be transformed into something, to release your inhibitions and become something that you deny yourself in your day to day life, I can help you become and experience that to the degree you wish.

But wait! There's more! hehehehe
Other hypno-erotic services include:
Hyper-arousal (always being horny or too horny to come)
Orgasm in non standard ways (think orgasms that come and go over a period of time, or an orgasm that starts and then suddenly stops, only to come back later)
Non-genital sources of orgasm (You orgasm from having things put in your mouth, or an orgasm that starts in your finger)
Hypnoemipira is having your senses heightened, so you feel everything more intensely.
Post-hypnotic triggers (Phrases/conditions that can be said to create a response or effect long after the call has ended. These can be kept to yourself or shared with others as you need/want.)
And other things.

Tell me what you want to experience and I will help you get there.

The first few minutes will be discussing what you want and how best to achieve that. That will take only as long as it needs since I enjoy putting you under and taking you where we've agreed to go.

While I am certified as a Master NLP practitioner, I will not provide any non-sexual self-improvement services. I do not have a CHT and therefore will not provide hypnotherapy, even if NiteFlirt did allow for it.