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Sensual Erotic Hypnosis ... BY APPT ONLY PLEASE


Erotic Hypnosis, Blissful Relaxation Trance

I find it extraordinarily pleasing to lull you into a deep trance. To bring you to a state of seemingly endless drifting . . . to relax and release you before sleep . . . to bring you to a deeper understanding of your sexuality and new heights of erotic pleasure . . . to allow you the illusion that your mind is being controlled by a powerful woman . . . any or all of these thrill and delight me.


~Erotic Hypnosis~

Tell me your fantasies and let me play with your body, making fantasy real and bringing you on a luscious erotic journey . . .

~Submissive, Surrender Hypnosis~

The more deeply you go into trance, the more deeply you surrender to my control. It feels so good to just let everything go . . .

~Relaxation Hypnosis~

Just let yourself drift with me through peaceful time and space, as you relax ever more deeply . . .



Are you interested in hypnosis with me? Please fill out my pre-hypnosis questionnaire below. A little information from you in an email will save us time in our call, allowing us to focus on your pleasure!


Please email me to make an appointment
for your hypnosis session

Ethics: As a former psychotherapist, I take hypnosis seriously and want to make sure we don't wander into territory we shouldn't--another reason I ask you to complete my questionnaire. This is for fun and entertainment and not for therapeutic purposes.

I will not give you hypnotic suggestions that you do anything illegal or damaging/dangerous to yourself or others. I will not ask you for identifying information and will not allow you to volunteer it. I will not use hypnosis for blackmail games.

"Undoing" Hypnosis: If you wish to recover hypnotic suggestions or "commands" that another person using hypnosis has given you, we can do this. If you ask for this service, it is what you will receive. If you feel you've been harmed by hypnosis and are requesting help, please understand that I will try to help--it is against my basic nature to pretend to help someone while manipulating them even more deeply! I know it's a turnon for some, but it's just not something I can do :)

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