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Lady Katerina

Sir/Mistress im nothing please teach me to submit

Skype ID $5 to get I can easily bark orders, educated and teach fetishes, I can captivate boys gay and straight a like and get them to try almost anything. Electric makes glee, so do roleplay scenarios. However I do not know how to submit. my brain thinks non stop, and having aspergers I can not keep my mouth shut when i am passionate. i think I know more and that there is more efficient ways or better ways of doing things and i was never asked. I am nothing and I am crawling to you SIr, Master, Mistress, Goddess, on my hands and knees groveling for your your lessons im not worthy of. May I touch and kiss your boots? How may i find favor in you sight? And May I ask for your guidance, or your dominance? I do not know everything, and I am not more important than the Dom I am serving or and actually I know nothing? My doctor says dilate my virgin vagina, only hole still is, and I have only been doing when i want to not every day as instructed, im small breasted, androgynous to femme. Hate not having make up on nor do i like showing off my chest.. i have a hard time connecting or following without seeing the others face. I will accept my punishment at your will for disobedience, and will do what you say....... Forgive me Here I am saying what i will do... I wait for your instruction I have HD webcam and lighting. Skype, Team Viewer, and a general broadcaster is what I have to share cam. Which do you have that you would prefer i use if not one of these Sir/Ma'am