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Sweetheart Kate

Warning: Dangerous, certified sociopath

I'm Kate, most of the time I am sweet and lovable, but everyone has a dark side. I am a sociopath with violent tendencies. I work hard to keep my darker urges under control. Over the years I have gotten well practiced at being socially acceptable. My mask is so good that even I sometimes forget how dangerous I can be.

I am making this profile on the advice of one of my callers. No masks, no fantasy, no scripts. If you call me you get real. Call if you like to be dominated, humiliated or abused. I might or might not play with you, this is my line we talk about what I want to talk about. If you are a whiny little bitch I will hang up on you.

This is not your therapy session, this isn't dress up time. If you want me to hold your hand and tell you sweet stories connect through another profile. You are not my customer, you are not right and I don't care if you are happy. Play time is over you pathetic wanker, I don't care if you cum. I want you to cry, I want you to bleed.