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Nurse Honey

Nurse Honey's Embarrassing Procedures

It’s for your own good. Roll over and submit to Nurse Honey’s procedure. Nurse Honey will leave you violated and exposed. Don’t try to resist, I know what’s best.

Micropenis diagnosis

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but you are suffering from a condition known as micropenis. In other words, you have a tiny penis, incapable from satisfying any woman. I’m going to bring my friends in to look at it and laugh at your embarrassingly inadequate member with me. There’s no cure, you will be the laughing stock of bratty Nurse Honey.

Semen extraction

Nurse Honey needs to collect a specimen. Hold still while this expert makes your body betray you and give over a sample, whether you like it or not. Oh dear. That specimen was inadequate. Let’s try again…..

Forced drugging

Nurse Honey is going to give you something to help you relax. If you won’t cooperate she’ll just have to give it to you against your will! Gas, shots, rectal suppositories, and IV drips are all part of her arsenal, as are a variety of inescapable medical restraints.

Perverted confession therapy

Nurse Honey will help you get over you perverted fantasies by getting though them. Exposing your deepest, dirtiest fantasies to Nursey will help you move past these vile thoughts. Of course Nurse Honey would never use them against you…..