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Bend over, bitches. Mistress Kennedy is here to play.

Beautiful, experienced, and spoiled to the core . . . what more could a submissive ask for? Well, My attention of course. I am a very particular type of Woman- I relish in control, I delight in having absolute power, and I have an unyielding itch to satisfy My Sadistic desires; be it through exquisite mental torment or through your quite amusing physical suffering.

I’ve spent My existence in luxury, and I am quite content with the fact that I always get what I want. I may be a spoiled brat, but I am no sweetheart and I am no princess. I am a Lifestyle Femdom who demands the utmost respect and obedience from submissives hoping to become potential slaves- and for the rest of you losers who can’t handle being a true slave, the least you can do is provide Me with entertainment for the evening.

Female Supremacy is a way of life, and I use that to My full advantage. A hard cock is nothing more than a toy to Me- and the pathetic male attached to it will be wrapped around My finger in no time. I will control you. I will own you. I will put you in your place- which is on your knees and groveling for whatever sensation I choose to bestow upon you next. Be it a denied orgasm, a harsh paddling, an exercise in your feminization, or training to become My strap on bitch, one thing is for certain- and that is that a good mind fucking is always in order in My realm. This is your chance to turn your submissive desires into reality. Succeed, and you may bask in the euphoria a slave experiences after a test of endurance. Fail, and you will learn the meaning of true punishment. Make your decision before you pick up the phone, because once you do, this decision and all others will become Mine. It’s time to prove your worth, bitch.

My Favorite Fetishes are: Femdom Roleplay, Stocking Fetish and Vintage Lingerie, Cock Teasing, Orgasm Denial, Chastity, Spanking and Corporal Punishment, Cock and Ball Torture, Shoe and Heel Fetish, Foot Fetish, Strap On and Anal Training, Financial Domination, Sissification and Feminization, Tickle Torture, Sploshing, Nipple Torture, Forced Bi, CFNM . . . and Body Worship and slave Training- if you earn it.

I don’t switch. I don’t submit. I don’t waste My precious time on losers who message Me for frivolous reasons. You’re in the presence of a Goddess, so you’d best fucking act like it.

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