Phone Sex

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Reagans Awake

Bad, bad boy! I'll Have to Put You Over My Knee!

You know how much I hate it when you misbehave, you dirty, disobedient boy!

Go and bring me my hairbrush! Or maybe the fly swatter? Or perhaps a big wooden spoon? But nothing beats a good, old-fashioned bare hand!

Now, take down your pants, and bare your bottom. I don't care how embarassing you find it. Look how you're blushing! Come over here and bend over my knee.

Now, say you're sorry! **SMACK** Tell me you're sorry! **SMACK, SMACK** We're just going to have to keep doing this until I believe you, you naughty, naughty boy!

Isn't this fun? ;)

I'm a passionate, intense, intelligent, worldly, and creative woman of a "certain age". I tend to celebrate my passions extremely--I drink too much coffee, I read too many books, I buy too many shoes, and my knitting yarn stash is worth more than my car. If something is worth exploring at all, I prefer to explore it deeply. How about you?

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