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Mind Control By A Manipulative Domme

Taking Complete Control Via Hypnosis and Mind Control.

It ties in so beautifully with my interests in sissification and humiliation. I plan to dress you up in frilly pink baby dresses and shove my dick in your mouth. Wether I'm turning you into my cuckolded husband, or brainwashing my misbehaving boyfriend, I love to listen to you whimper and whine before giving in with that breathy, obedient "yes my goddess" that I love so much. You always fight it, but I ALWAYS win.

Plus, there is no way a limp dicked little man-pansy like you is going to be able to truly make me happy in bed. Might as well give in and be my little brainwashed robo-slut.

It will be so much easier once you give in and let me have my way with you. What's holding you back?