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PHD Dom the EVIL Personal Trainer

You get on your treadmill... or sit down on the weight bench... Maybe you're jogging thru the park... or doing situps in your living room.

What no one but you knows is that in your headphones you're hearing Me.... pushing you... telling you what a little pussy you are for not being able to go that extra mile. Reminding you why you used to get shoved in lockers in highschool..... Reminding you that you wont ever amount to anything if you can't do one more rep.

Imagine sitting there doing the bench press and the guys looking at you thinking you're really getting there... really going for it.... really becoming that tough ass mother fucker they think you are by looking at you... but what they don't know is in your ear... a REAL ALPHA is pushing you harder and reminding you at the same time that you're still a little bitch... MY BITCH... you just better hope they don't see that growing dick in your shorts hahaha.

Thru NLP, Hypno, and just good ole cruelty I'll push you to get that body you want... that muscular body that will finally start getting you laid when you go to the bar.... that body that you can look at in the mirror and be proud of.

But even when you're admiring that body in the mirror... you're still always going to know, in the back of your mind.... you're MY BITCH. HAHA. go ahead... why not give it a shot...

You've had the personal trainers try and coach you into better shape but what you really need is a bully in your ear training your body to become better faster and stronger while at the same time tearing your ego down and reminding you constantly that you're always going to be a little bottom bitch no matter how good your abs look.

I look forward to hearing from you... or you can just sit there on your couch becoming more of a fat piece of shit than you already are.

Evil self improvement is My game and I'm VERY VERY good at it. Lets get started....