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You are now home, NO JUDGEMENTS!

Whether it is real therapy combined with hypnosis, or wanting to experience a fantasy that you feel taste and smell. This is your new home!

Please make sure there is at least 30 minutes in your account before you begin, allowing time to explain what you want/ what result you want to feel happen or even any bad habits that you want to break. The worst that can happen is that the session is not working for you and then you can hang-up. However, that happening with me is doubtful

For those that are pessimistic, I can assure you; I do this on a DAILY BASIS, in two parts of the country. A perfect recipe of therapy asking the right questions to reframe whatever problem you THINK you might have. No judgements here, I've heard it all!

I also love to play just like you do... meaning, once we're alone, I can't wait to cum with you!! Sometimes even a GODDESS LIKE ME HAS NEEDS:)

Using (Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response) at times that will send tingling sensations to your brain. Within seconds, you will say to yourself that I am the real deal as you get lost into your unconscious in an altered drugged out state of awareness:

My creativity and beauty has secured a dominant nature to my personality.


Condom sucking - - - Role Play--- CFNM---JOI---Gay For Pay - - - CFNM---- Cock Sucking - - - Extreme Humiliation - - - Cuckholding - - - Behavior Modification - - - Ball Kicking - Hard - - - Orgasm Modification - - - Masturbation Denial haa - - - Climax Extreme Discipline - - - Bondage - - - Behavior Exhibitionism - - - Rough Play - - - Anal Play & Training - - - Fear Input - - - Making You Fatter, Dumper, - - - Feminization - Breasts And All - - - Cock N Ball squeeze & Making Them Disappear - - -Alter Ego


Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss - - - Stress Release - - - Oldest To Most Modern Induction & Trancing - - - Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin or Come Out! - - - Eliminate Fears, Phobias, Anxiety - - - Transform Sadness & Grief into Creative Energy - - - Healing-Heal Your Past - - - Eliminate Insomnia - - - Nutritional Support-(Eat For Your Blood Type, Food-Combining)