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Whether it is real therapy combined with hypnosis, or just experiencing a session that will make you really feel taste and smell your desires. This is your new home!

Building relationships with you my pet is the ultimate power-exchange. I'm a real, down to earth, kinky kind of thang when need be and just plain fun. You might laugh your balls off but I'll always drain them at the same time.

The way I use my voice will relax you, trance you to the point where you will Confide, Confess-then enter the ULTIMATE Subspace completely cocked in my webl!

Even if you have no idea what you want, I will get you there. You WILL have that AHA moment, a climactic elation to how close YOU WILL feel to a REAL LIFE FEMGOD!

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that truly turns a wannabe cocksucker into a true-cocksucker.

Or make an embarrassed wanna-be sissy into a lispie GIRLI-GIRL pantie wearing BESTIE! I WILL PUSH YOUR LIMITS! Be very careful what you wish for !

Please save for enough time so the one min lady doesn't disturb us.
Sometimes even a GODDESS LIKE ME HAS NEEDS:)

My creativity and beauty has secured a dominant nature to my personality.


ASMR- Brain Tingles-Condom sucking. Role Play--- CFNM (clothed female naked male)---JOI---Gay For Pay - - - CFNM---- Cock Sucking - - - Extreme Humiliation - - - Cuckholding - - - Behavior Modification, Ball Kicking - Hard - - - Orgasm Modification, Masturbation Denial haa - - - Climax Extreme Discipline - - - Bondage, Behavior Exhibitionism - - - Rough Play - - - Anal Play & Training - - - Fear Input - - - Making You Fatter, Dumper, Feminization - Breasts And All - - - Cock N Ball squeeze & Making Them Disappear - - -Alter Ego


Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss - - - Stress Release - - - Oldest To Most Modern Induction & Trancing - - - Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin or Come Out! - - - Eliminate Fears, Phobias, Anxiety - - - Transform Sadness & Grief into Creative Energy - - - Healing-Heal Your Past - - - Eliminate Insomnia - - - Nutritional Support-(Eat For Your Blood Type, Food-Combining)