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Spoiled Princess Tori

Pay pigs, SugarDaddies, and Rich Losers - CALL NOW

Hey there
It's Tori, your spoiled little brat!

I'm Brand-Spanking new and hungry for money and cum! You are now my money slave, my human ATM, my payday piggy, and my Sugardaddy. I will keep your money nice and safe for you.
I ignore everything that doesn't involve money, so you better WORSHIP ME! Bring me your money, your cock, and your undying loyalty, or you won't get any love from me! Be ready and willing to empty your cock and wallet.
Play with yourself while I play with your cash.
Your hard-earned money makes me so creamy and wet.
I want to see my bank account swell just like your big hard cock.

I'm addicted to your fat bulging wallet, just like you are addicted to my youth and beauty.This little ass was meant for someone special, but you DO have to pay the price! *giggles*

I know you want it. You have wanted something like this all your life. So cum make me happy or I'll be very disappointed. You don't want to disappoint me, do you?

It is your turn to please the Princess....


OBEY TORITo all my Pay Pigs,
SugarDaddies, Rich Losers, and Wealthy Perverts....

You will address me as "Princess" or "Your Highness"
You will be prepared to pay tribute
You will please me or I will ignore your sorry ass
You may only masturbate if I allow it

Worship me now ($50)
Worship me now ($100)