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Katie Kinktress

I laugh. you lose. Amuse Me or I hang up.

This is My LAUGH AT LOSER LINE!!! If you dial these digits you realize that you are a LOSER, that your life is LAUGHABLE, and you are prepared for the scoffing, annoyance or FIT OF GIGGLES on the other end of the phone.... You understand that I am in control of the conversation, that you are calling for MY AMUSEMENT PURPOSES (exclusively) and that I am going to laugh at you... Make fun of you and throw random insults at you. If I am with My girl friends or a boyfriend is with Me, I may choose to include them in on the joke. I am a teenager and you are a pathetic older pervert calling to PAY ME to be amused by you. The only reason I talk to you is so I can use you to pay My bills.

Answers to frequently asked questions & unasked questions about Me...

Yes. I am really 18.

Yes. I am really dominate.

BECAUSE I am 18, I am still learning. NO, I don't have a stable of slaves and 20 years of experience. I'm 18!!!! But... I am eager and I'm learning and I LOVE this life and what I do.

Yes, I am little. 5'0". 100 pounds.

My hair is over 2 feet long.

Yes. I really find kink and fetishes to be super interesting and amazing.

Yes. I have my favorites, but I am still learning and finding NEW kinks arousing and empowering with each new phone call and real life experiment.

No. I don't have a boyfriend, but I do date....

Yes. I typically have a friend or two around Me. Did I mention I'm 18? What 18 year old girl chills alone all the time?! Old, fat chicks hang out alone by their phones. I just graduated and moved out of My mom's house. I almost always have a friend around. It's My age. If you are REALLY bothered by another teenage girl hearing our conversation, you may wanna call someone else, because I live in a small place.

I love to tease boys.... LOVE it. I love humiliation and being silly and playful and sometimes a little condescending, again... If you can't take it and need to be super serious, I may NOT be the right one for you.
I really like the idea of having perverts or losers buy me stuff, I love the tributes that you guys send me. I LOVE BEING SPOILED!!!! (Duh, who wouldn't?!?!) But, I am NOT into demanding you to be generous to me, it feels like begging and I DON'T BEG.

You should be begging me to do more, be more and give more to Me. That's the way I feel.

You should ache to cum for me, you should beg to kiss my ass and you should want to do nice things for me. I'm kinda fucking awesome. I would want to do nice things for me. This kinda extends into the blackmail thing, too. I can do blackmail, but I much rather you be so in love with Me that you will do anything to please Me, rather than be forced into a corner and have to.

If you have requests for photos, lemme know... but, fyi, nothing is getting spread or penetrated. I'm trying to keep it classy (in pics) and stay Playboy-esqe in my photography.

I guess that's all for now. Blog/journal coming soon. Keep missing Me, wanting Me, aching for Me, desiring Me.... Think of Me always!

I am petite. 5'0" tall, 101 pounds of energy, enthusiasm and wicked imagination! I adore having you weak and beneath Me. I want to walk all over you, literally and figuratively. I adore being adored and live to be praised! I will give your life purpose. I want to be the reason you breath and the reason you be. If you stroke, it's because I tell you to. Fall in love with Me... Deeper, harder... Pamper Me. Spoil Me. I love to tease you to the point of torture.

I love learning your weaknesses and using them against you! My style is playful. I'm a bit of a brat and a total tease Princess. I'm not into the screaming and yelling thing. It's your job to keep Me happy. I love to giggle, laugh, taunt, tease and point out your weaknesses and short-comings!

I love to be worshipped, pampered, adored and treated like the wicked little Princess I am!

If you are looking for a typical "oooh ah" phone-sex operator, then keep on looking, because that doesn't interest Me. I love fetish exploration. I do like to laugh at boys and learn their kinks.

ANOTHER SITUATION where OBVIOUSLY someone called Me without READING my page FIRST. If a caller has a fetish or kink that he wants to discuss (he is a cuck or wants to be laughed at or into SPH or whatever), I am so down to explore and discuss that kink or fetish. I am into that (as mentioned above) I totally DIG that! But if you call and ask Me a blanket question and want my opinion on it... Be ready. This dumbass called Me last night and wanted to know how I would treat a "guy like him" and I think he expected me to say I would reject him or make fun of him - but when I told him in reality I probably wouldn't even acknowledge his fat, ugly ass (he told me he weighs over 300 pounds and he is moderately attractive). I told him if I ever DID allow him around Me socially - it would be to service Me somehow and NOT sexally - maybe shopping for Me or buying something for Me,cleaning My house, doing Myself & My roommates laundry (not just the Panties, perv - but our sweaty socks, gym shorts, and ALL our clothing!), carrying my bags at the mall, but walking 30 ft behind Me because I wouldn't want to be seen with his disgusting fat ass. At this he said "you're mean, I will never call you again" and hung up. Listen up, losers. I am HONEST. If you ask Me a fucking question, I am NOT going to give you the answer YOU want to hear. I am going to TELL YOU WHAT I THINK. If you bore Me, I am GOING TO SOUND BORED. If you annoy Me - I WILL SOUND ANNOYED. If you describe yourself as a disgusting pig and I respond by telling you how I (personally) would deal with a real-world "Fat Bastard" trying to hang out with Me, this is what I do, I do ME. I do real world young, impatient, irrational, bitchy teenager. I'm angsty, irritated, selfish, snarky, sarcastic, arrogant, honesty, I do it because it is who I am and the life I live. Deal with it or dial some other fucking digits - there are like a billion bitches out there who will say whatever you want them to. I have been doing this all of what? Six months? Six months since I turned 18. Dude.