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Dante Stone

I've seen you admiring me...tell me why...


I'm a straight, good looking guy interested in exploring your realities and fantasies. I've seen you eyeing me from your porch. You admire me from your yard. You gaze at me from your window. Call me and indulge my curiosities with your deepest desires and experiences with the guy next door. I am an eager explorer of the WOMAN`s body and her wants and needs. But GUYS, wait a minute and don't go anywhere. I have caught you watching too and have some curiosness for you as well. Yes, Danté would like to hear from all his neighbors be it GUYS, GALS, and TRANS

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First is for the LADIES, as Danté is a gentleman. I adore the female body and could thoroughly explore it for hours on end. Long luxurious tounge baths, with a fetish for giving oral satisfaction. It excites me to hear the sounds of your pleasure. Call and tell me your fantasies and experiences. We can be as tame and romantic as your mood, or as rough and vulgar as you need. Let me taste and touch every inch of you until you are satisfied. Stop gazing and call me.

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Fellas, want the same to apply to you? Stop admiring Danté from next door and attempt to make me want you by calling me. I have never been with a man before and always followed society's rules of only being with women. But, sometimes I just don't feel fulfilled enough when I am with them. I keep having these deep urges and the longer I struggle, the harder it becomes to ignore them. Every time I think about the feeling of a man taking my cherry it puts a lump deep in the back my throat and down inside my pants.

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TRANSGENDER and TRANSSEXUAL, I hope you see that under the above circumstances, you are EXTREMELY invited to call me. Stop watching from the window. I would love to explore your desires and satisfy my curiosities with you as well. I'm open to both world fantasies and can't wait to hear from you. Remember, Danté's open to ALL possibilities.

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Think you can help me handle this rough problem? Want me to live through your fantasies and possibly push me over the edge? Tired of just staring from next door? Call me and help me explore me, you, and ALL your dirty desires.

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$5 Satisfaction Appreciation Gratuity

$10 Generous Appreciation Gratuity

$20 Show Off Appreciation Gratuity

$50 Big Spender Appreciation Gratuity

$75 Big Baller Appreciation Gratuity

$100 Make It Rain Appreciation Gratuity