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Mistress Dare

Mistress Dare Erotic Dominatrix Hypno-Therapist

*Email me first if you'd like me to take your call. I'm PST in CA. I DO NOT do cam work but if your kink is to have me watch you masturbate I'm happy to do that.The only thing I ask of you is that you always leave me positive feedback at the end of EVERY call. This is really helpful to others and also helps to keep my rates low.* DON'T YOU JUST LOVE A DARE? ESPECIALLY A MISTRESS DARE? ONCE YOU LOOK INTO MY EYES AND HEAR MY VOICE YOU WILL BEGIN TO GO INTO A DEEP EROTIC HYPNOTIC TRANCE. YOU CAN TRY TO RESIST BUT THE MORE YOU TRY, THE HARDER IT IS TO PULL AWAY AND THE MORE YOU TRY THE MORE EROTICALLY MAGNETICALLY DRAWN YOU BECOME TO ME. YOU MAY TRY TO RESIST MY SUGGESTIONS BUT THE URGE TO PLEASE ME WILL OVERCOME YOU AND THE MORE I WILL MIND FUCK YOU INTO OBLIVION. GO AHEAD! TRY IF YOU DARE!

I'm highly intelligent, dominant and psychic. I know what you need and what you crave. Before you know what's happening, I've put you in an EROTIC HYPNOTIC TRANCE to serve me. I'll instruct you in CBT, nipple play, foot worship, cuckolding, sissy slut, forced bi, slave, strap on, Goddess worship, dog, pony training. I'm a VERY STRICT Nurse who sits on your face and inspects your body. I use stainless steel sounds to FUCK YOUR COCK. I'm the HOT Bitch Boss who blackmails you and makes you SERVE ME UNDER MY DESK. I'm a maternal stepmother who loves to SPANK YOUR ASS until it RED and HOT. I am an FBI Agent who KIDNAPS YOU, BRAINWASHES you and turns you into a MINDLESS SEX TOY. If you try to resist, the LOWER you WILL BOW DOWN to me. I'm an expert at Corporal Punishment, you will TAKE MORE AND MORE PAIN for MY PLEASURE. It's NOW TIME for our EROTIC HYPNOSIS THERAPY ROLE PLAY session.

What if you found yourself on your knees, begging to worship my strap on or my smoking bombshell body, wondering when I will tickle your tonsils w/my toes. You can try to resist me if you want but you can't help but think about SERVING ME. My good boy, pig, dog, horse. The furniture and property that I own, use and walk on. You may find yourself irresistibly and magnetically drawn to my power, femininity and beauty. Now be a GOOD BOY and WATCH ME TAKE A HUGE COCK maybe you can clean up my cream pie later. 5-4-3-2-1 and down the rabbit hole you go. Further and further, deeper and deeper. Get the erotic hypnotic therapy training you desperately need.

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