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ADVICE LINE - Relationships | Sexuality | Kink

Lilac's Advice Line

Need some help with your girlfriend? Not sure what to do in bed? Can't figure out if you're gay, straight, or bi? Maybe you just want to figure out what that kink was you heard about the other night. Or you might just need a listening ear after a hard day.
That's what I'm here for. I love to help people out and I'm always interested in hearing people's problems.

What I'm really good at talking about

Sex - Obviously. I can give you tips for how to get your partner off or even just how to make your solo game a little more fun. I know a lot about what women especially tend to like, and I can tell you exactly how to please in bed.

Relationships - Not sure how to resolve a fight with your partner? Want to figure out how to find The One? Do you just need to vent about what your partner said to you this morning? That's a perfect thing to call for.

Sexuality - I'm not straight and can easily and happily give you tips on discovering yourself, having an encounter with the same sex, or just what to do if you think you might be gay. Even if you're just a little curious, give me a call and we'll talk about it! we can find out the difference between a little curiosity and a real need to explore yourself.

Dating - How to get yourself out there, how to present yourself to a first date, and how to turn a first date to into a lasting relationship. Plus! How to know if you're really compatible with someone or if its just skin deep.

Kink - Are you a brand new kinkster? Are you curious about it? Want to know how to be a good Dom? Want to know what to look for in a safe Dom? How about how to be a good sub? How to try out kinks with a little bit of risk built in? Lets talk about consent, boundaries, and exploring and pushing your limits in the best possible way. Believe me I'm experienced.

Give me a call and we'll talk about whatever you need.