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Lady Lime

I bring all of your desires to light.

Lady Lime
Sexy Lime


"I am Lady Lime and I bring all of your desires to light. I am the love you need, the pleasure you seek, and the excitement you crave. I am everything you want."

Girlfriend Experience- You know it makes me happy when you're happy. I appreciate all that you do and I'll always be here to support you. I'm here when you need someone to listen, and I'm here when you need to vent. I couldn't stop thinking about you today. All I wanted today was to feel your lips pressed against mine and your hands softly caressing my hips.

Conversation- Want to chat about something awesome you've learned? Maybe you want to discuss your favorite hobby, or maybe you've had the shittiest day at work and you need to blow steam. Whatever it is you want to talk about, call me and we'll talk for as long as you like about what you like.

Fantasy- Time to bring your fantasy to light. It doesn't matter if you're into fem-bots, cat girls, aliens, or giant talking feet. Your fantasy will be brought to life by me. I am a very seductive and creative story teller.

Sensual Feminization- Have you ever wanted to be instructed to dress as a woman and feel what its like to be a woman? I'll guide you through this glorious process and you will know what it means to be beautiful, you will know what it means to feel sensual.

Worship/Financial Domination- I am Lady Lime and I am all. Your whole life and being revolves around my desires as well as my needs. The only purpose you have in life is to worship me. To worship me is to praise me, to cater to my needs, and to give all that you are to please me. Everything that you do and will do should benefit me. My commands and demands are all that you wish for. You will submit and sacrifice everything to me because my control arouses you, my control excites you, my control fulfills you. (Requires tribute. Pain and humiliation requires a higher tribute. If you do not tribute the call will end immediately. You will not be granted the privilege of my time or attention without sacrifice.)

Ass Play/Ass Domination- Your ass is my toy, and I'm ready to play.