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Madame Narcisse

You need to please me, follow my intructions and do as I say

I am Madam Narcisse. I am your Goddess. You want to please me. You feel the irresistable need to obey me. Do as I say...light my cigarette correctly, smoke when I tell you to...Hold my ashtray. Or BE my ashtray. I will tell you precisely what to do. I may want you to worship and pamper my gorgeous feet, paint my toenails or...if I so please, you will lay at my feet so that they do not touch the ground as I walk. I may want you to fetch my stockings and stilletto heels and worship them on your knees as I put them on. If you disobey me, there are painful punishements I will administer. I might allow you put your stockings and heels on. If I tell you what I want you to wear for me, you will....and You will like it... if I tell you to. I may like to see you in your lacy panties and bra with your hair curled...I will tell you when I do not approve...and you will do as I say....because you know you need to please me. If you do precisely as I instruct you, You may get to see exactly how I demand my will to be followed. Now be a good boy, and tell me how much you need to please me and how much you want to keep me happy. There are consequences if you don't.