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Lady Katerina

Power & Secrets, Deception & Betrayal, Redemption

You are worthless, a waste of a perfectly good man, and you seek my attention and you think I want yours. I get people daily trying to seek my attention and for their sexual gratification needs to be met. I can easily take someone to the cleaners, destroy their reputation, family, trust and make you wish you were dead.

I am a Sadistic Bitch and power excites me, as I am very into displays and connections of energy and electricity. Simply knowing I know your darkest fears, hidden desires, and the secrets that have eaten completely away that made you the worthless pig, slave, and subhuman in your eyes. I don't you seek but you seek me to hurt you to destroy you as you destroy those who love you. Pathetic.

I will survive flourish and live my life with or without you as you're just another lowlife in whom is wrapped in in his own ego and selfishness and not unable to see his own arrogance. Unless you capture my attention because my time is valuable and you're demanding time I don't even give my family. I have a job I have always taken care of myself so if you think I'm just for the money or gifts than you really are scum as i am am multifaceted jewel who has lived and traveled her own destructive paths and disregard those who meant the most. However I stopped playing games and took a hold of my life.

Make me see you notice you, Entrust me to be your Secret Keeper, and you really have no reason to as I could easily destroy you and others with what I know, I could easily bring you to financial ruin and collapse and make your Family Hate you. But I see two options if you have a family and I have been given the Power to divulge everything to the family or I can give you the ability and healing you need to become the man who is worthy, loved, and has brought not only romance back into the picture, you will be closer to your family and wife like never before, and I guarantee you will be able to be there for every part of your familys life because you start slacking you will know I can destroy it quicker than it took to repair it.

I don't care what gender identity its interchangeable. And if you want to be humiliated i treat and degrade you like the pile of shit you are. Take your choice of public humiliation as you are simply dehumanize. Few choices I will give you you where pictures and video of whatever you choose live in daily fear that these pictures with a finger click accidentally gets sent to everyone in your email or worse broadcasted on line where the files are ever part of the internet, the simple fact that you will never know if I wouldn't due such a thing.

But I can promise one thing if you ever lie to me we are finished, if you play games I will make it my mission to publicly shame you from ever getting in service of another goddess. This is about consent. When the consent is revoked at any time by either of us we are done.Removal of consent makes all information shared void from use even though you would have to trust that my integrity is check.

Whether building bond between you and your family, getting out of debt, or simply just need to be dominated. I will provide with authenticity, and Embody the Matriarch, Healer Priestess, Teacher and I will provide a safe space to be you. My time is valuable please respect my time and person.

under no circumstance are you allowed to call me mistress unless you have earned that right. and in the end its about earning that right to enter my inner sanctum as someone worthy to be part of my life and my circle and use that honoree that very few people ever get to have the privilege of. The money is what you feel my invaluable time is worth to you and to get my attention. Will i test limits yes will i always get my that depend on you, however saying no doesn' t mean we are done, as you should primarily be coming to me before i ask anything, But I will be respectful enough to know to back off . i do promise I will interconnect with you and leaving you wanting for more. question is are you willing to go the distance, desire to live your fantasies, and do you seek redemption and life you could only imagine as you mend the bridges burned make retribution to those who have been taken hostage over your insantity.

Whether you are looking for an intimate & low-key evening together, a spirited weekend adventure, or a hot kinky raunch play session, It would be my pleasure to use my talents in service of what you need with all of my energy, warmth, & discretion.

I have a graduate degree, & an array of interests ranging from but not limited to cooking, outdoors, cuddling, kissing, the arts, travel, philosophy and not defined by labels. I'm intelligent & elegant & exhibit these qualities in all I do, with confidence allowing me to be approachable & friendly, or be assertive & playfully demanding.I feel my curiosity, sincerity, integrity, & eyes are what truly set me apart from other women.

I don't want to impress you; I want to connect with you. When we meet for the first time, I will look you deeply in the eyes and we will create an interdependent empathy, one of mutual trust & longing, together are rooted in an ancient code of morality.

I pride myself on my flexibility & spontaneity both in public & private; one moment I can be. Innocent girl & the next, a domineering sadist with no patience for weakness. I'm best suited to those who desire an effusive, creative partner for their intimate adventures. My insatiable interest in all things erotic & taboo has led to my engagement array of role play & fetishes, & just as kinky as the rest. ALL aspects of power play excite me, always looking to explore new dynamics.

I am a 32 year old pansexual woman. I will NOT show any nudity on cam under any circumstance as I am a Lady and expect to be treated as such, however enticing bids may get or may not get you a tease depending on the listing