Phone Sex

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"Your a slave, my slave. You don't have use for money." I am your Superior, your Ruler. I have full control over you; financially, mentally and physically. You will be collared, owned........enslaved. You will serve your Mistress in all ways that she sees fit. You will always obey, do anything and give me anything I desire or else you will suffer greatly in ways you can't imagine. You will crawl to me naked with collar on. Your paycheck, cash between your teeth. Eyes lowered to the floor, you will hand it to me. You will kiss my feet and say "Thank you Mistress" You will make a list of all your monthly expenses and accounts. slave will crawl to me with it. I will review the list and decide your allowance. The remainder will be utilized at Mistress's discretion. You are incapable of handling money. Therefore, I will be managing it for you. Mistress knows what is best. The slave will beg should he want something extra or even an orgasm. I will either approve or deny. slave will know his place. Should he not, disobey or not complete a command, there will be consequences including blackmail.....consensual blackmail. Know that I have been living the BDSM lifestyle for the past 10 years. I am also more than acquainted with the world of finance. I am The Ultimate FinDom. You will be Obsessed with me. You will be Devoted to me. slave is Consumed. No escape from Mistress, you will not want to.