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♔LadyBella: The voice that tilts your soul♔

The Lady invites you to Her luxurious, comforting, twisted boudouir...

I am an elegant, ravenous, nymphomaniac Mistress, here to offer you an escape from your lackluster reality...I am a The Keeper of Secrets & My boudoir exists as a place of refuge, solace, comfort & abandon ...

A word to the wise: This is new listing, but it's by no means My only NiteFlirt presence. Check out My profile & other listings for all the magic I make happen on here. I also come bearing stellar reviews & fetish content in the Goody Bag section to pique your interests & whet your appetite!!

I am 1st & foremost a Domina, but this line isn't dedicated to Domination. No, no, My darling...this is your secret garden for hidden intimate conversation, or the tomb in which you bury the horrible, taboo things that make your cock ache...the parts of yourself you MUST hide from the rest of the world...

Don’t Be Afraid: Let #TheLady take care of you!

Cowering in the home-office with your aching cock in your hand? Call Me! Perusing the dark internet for porn you should never be looking at? Call Me! Had a terrible, shameful experience in your youth, that still makes that still sends chill down your spine today? Call Me! Laying night after night next to a lover you simply can't share your sordid thoughts & fantasies with? Don't Be Afraid: Call Me! I am The Keeper of Secrets and My magic is strong for the both of us...

Now, as simple as it is to call Me, I do have a couple STRICT guidelines you're required to be aware of & to adhere to:

I am a Lifestyle & Professional Dominatrix, but this line does not engage in ANY Domme/sub roleplays. Conversely, do not attempt to Dominate Me. That's not why this line is on. This is your portal to My world, where the taboo, the beautiful, the frightening, the demonic, the shameful & the divine come to flourish...Always be respectful & always be openminded...

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BE ADVISED: If you're looking for run o' the mill vanilla shit, save your dime & your time. I don't engage as a submissive, ever. While you don't have to be submissive to enjoy Me, I am a Domme & will always operate accordingly.

 Filthy, loquacious perverts are most welcomed! When I cum for & with you...I'll change your fucking life :)