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Hello, My name is April. But, you will be calling Me Ma'am- or Mistress. Whatever comes out of your mouth more naturally. I am not your typical "phone sex girl" or "domme" What I am is a highly motivated, startlingly intelligent, naturally beautiful young woman. I am an Alpha Dominant, female supremacist, and thoroughly enjoy Genuine Power Exchange.

You will quickly realize; I don't need you, but you need Me. Your opinion holds no validity here. My male slaves must be completely emotionally and physically dependent on providing every wish and desire for Me.

I'm not just a fantasy. I will push your limits into the real world -- way beyond where you're ready to go. I'm a 100% real girl. I just happen to enjoy humiliating and dominating people for pleasure. During the day, I'm a weight-loss and certified life coach. I also teach spinning classes. Most of my clients are wealthy, arrogant fat slobs. They're always grossing me out by hitting on me. That's why I get so much pleasure these days from humiliating older guys.

As long as I can remember, guys have always given me whatever I want. I am well aware of the control I have over you. Its funny how turned on you get whenever you see a sexy picture of me. I love making guys weak, and emptying their pockets while they worship my round tight butt on camera. It turns me on knowing that complete strangers are jerking off to my body- wishing they could taste my tight young pussy- but knowing they never would have a chance with me in real life. You deserve to be put in your place, and you know you deserve to be humiliated.

I'm not an actress -- I'm a truly dominant and completely independent bitch. I get wicked turned-on by transforming rich cocky guys into sissies and wimps. Because I'm a fitness coach I particularly enjoy humiliating out-of-shape doughboys. Some of my regular customers have lost insane amounts of weight, and I'd be happy to be your dominatrix/fitness/life coach if you're interested in taking a new approach to weight loss. I'm no stranger to taking complete control over another beings life. Now I want to Control You.

Call me now, and I'll force you ...
  • ... to suck cock
  • ... to drink used condoms from your sexy neighbor's trash can
  • ... to wear panties
  • ... to be my personal whore that I can pimp out for shopping money
  • ... to lose weight by jerking off instead of eating
  • ... to be my chastity bitch
  • ... to post a "can I suck your cock?" ad on Craigslist
  • ... to jerk off in public
  • ... to send me compromising photos of your pathetic naked body

  • You probably think I'm too good to be true, or perhaps you would like to find an excuse to introduce yourself to Me, This Pay to View entitles you to one custom pic from Me to you. I will be wearing a bra and panties, holding a sign with a caption of your choice. Simply click the sexy icon of Me holding a camera below.

    My wild, unbridled, illegal beauty will easily consume you. I am the juxtaposition of ataraxia and erotic mania. I am your New Religion. I am your carnal Goddess. Nothing less than complete and utter devotion from you will satisfy Me. Bask in the glow of my sinister beauty. I feed off your sexual energy- My will is stronger than your misguided heterosexual desires. You are not a real man, you never were. That waste of space between your legs is My property. I will teach you how to use it in the manner I expect. I am the ultimate Domina. I am a twisted, demanding, and sadistic Goddess. I Will make you wear women's panties, the more feminine the better. I Will turn you into My little panty wearing, cum drinking slut. I Will drag you to the glory hole and make you put your bitch holes to use for Me. You will humiliate yourself for My amusement..

    You will do things that you would have never considered doing beforeā€¦things you will regret the next day. But as always, you will come crawling back to Me for More. My tight, curvy ass looks good in whatever I decide to wear, and it is the object of much worship, I am aware of my intoxicating looks and I will be using them to weaken, manipulate, and control you.

    Talk proves absolutely nothing, especially to an exquisite Domina such as Myself. Prove your devotion to Me, and leave a Me a tribute, just to make Me happy. After all, your sole purpose is My pleasure...

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