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Miss April Snow

Life Shattering Financial Slavery

Rescue yourself from worthlessness, and prove your devotion to Me.
Leave a Me a tribute, just to make Me happy.
Your purpose is My pleasure...

You're weak...and I will be exploiting that. I know your cock twitches every time you reach for that wallet. You know that I own everything in it, and it excites you when I take what is rightfully mine. My tastes are exquisite and decadent, just like my appearance. You will earn your place beneath Me, under My control...wrapped around my the spineless pile of quivering jello that you are...

If you would like to serve Me on cam during this call, ask for My Skype ID at the beginning of our session and I will provide it..

So, you want to experience the finer things in life. You think you are worthy of treating yourself to some high quality financial domination from Me? Be advised, this listing is not for those beneath a particular tax bracket. You Must be prepared to let go entirely, and to fall down the rabbit hole completely.

I am not your typical "phone sex" or "domme" What I am is a highly motivated, startlingly intelligent, young woman. I am an Alpha Dominant, female supremacist, and thoroughly enjoy Genuine Power Exchange. Aren't particularly convinced? Send Me a message. Yes, you will be paying for My response. Feeling exceptionally brave? Give Me a call. You will quickly realize; I don't need you, but you need Me. Your feelings hold no validity here, piggy. A male slave must be completely emotionally and physically dependent on providing every wish and desire for his Me. Even if that leads to complete financial ruin.

I expect nothing less the complete and total submission to Me. What's yours is Mine, and what's Mine is Mine. You will become, essentially, a living, breathing ATM. You will do anything necessary to fulfill My wishes, immediately. It's not unheard of for My slaves of this nature to require extra lines of credit, second, and even third jobs to feed their need to serve Me, their Mistress. I do not take "no" for an answer. Your ego, your opinion, and anything else that makes you uniquely you is of No consequence to Me.

You want to submit to My control, utterly. You want to let go completely. You ache to be used like the spineless work mule that you are. You will watch this gif a minimum of 17x per day. You want to belong to Me, to live on a barebones budget to indulge My luxurious lifestyle. You have a burning desire to purify your focus, giving it all away to Goddess, Me. You want to live simply to afford Me the luxurious lifestyle that befitting the Succubus Domina. Becoming My Property means complete financial submission. There is no bliss comparable to being fully devoted to Me. You will work harder, longer hours, you will slave away to give Me more. Your training will involve watching this memorizing gif, over and over…just give in and submit…Your Only luxury will be the most decadent of all: Worshiping Me. Click the icon below to purchase this hypnotic GIF

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