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Hey Fellas! I'm Kira and that's Eva *L0L* (She is sitting here next to me texting one of our boy toys; topless of course) *L0L* so she is making me do all of the work as usual! ;-) We hate to burst your pervy little bubble but no, we are not sisters! *L0L* We are BFFs and have been forever! We met at the age of 10 and now we are in college together being as we naughty as can be! We have done a little bit of everything together( including each others boyfriends!) *L0L* We have TONS of random things in common like:
- Both of our parents are Russian. (And no we do not have accents. We were both born here!)
-We are both 19 with Birthdays in March! Eva is older by a one week!
- We both LOVE licking and fucking each others cunts! (Yea, we are totally homo hehe)
- We both LOVE teasing, sucking and fucking hard cocks!
- We both have extreme horniness issues...yea, we must fuck DAILY and we do! That's just to name a few!

BUT we are totally different in some ways too! Like Eva is def more bossy and bitchy than me *L0L* She can be a submissive when she wants but that's def more of my personality! I live to submit and be a good slut. I love letting Eva fuck my tight little cunt with her favorite strap on. She loves to sit on my face and make me suck her sweet wet pussy. Eva loves to suck my clit until I scream for her to stop... With guys I like to play innocent *L0L*. Eva does not even try to pretend! *L0L* We make an awesome team when we are fucking the same cock(s)! We have story after story and we love to talk about all of our adventures including how we both lost our virginity in THE SAME ROOM at the SAME TIME! That's another Crazy thing we have in common! Well, our cock supply for the day is on it's way over so we have to go make sure the traces of cum from the last cock is no where to be found! Be sure to call us! Lets play! We need an excuse to go lick each others pussy anyway! CHOU! Eva&Kira.
Us Playing Around Set 1
Us Playing Around Set 2
Us Playing Around Set 3