Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

This is an ignore line ONLY.

I'm a sexy Princess with better things to do. You couldn't pay me enough money to make me pretend to want to hear the sound of your nasty voice.

You can sit there and … well, I actually have no clue what pathetic losers do as I live my fabulous life on their dime, lol. But as you do it you can rest assured that I will spend all your hard earned paychecks with a smile on my face. And let’s face it, me spending all your money is your one true purpose in life. You’re welcome.
When you call, I might be:
In class
At a party
having sex
With friends making fun of you.

You never know what you'll hear on my end, if you're lucky, you might get to hear my cruel little laugh as I tell you how much of a pathetic little loser you really.

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    rLo        Lose  oser  serLo  rLos rLos    serL  erL    Los     
    se         erL    Los  Loser        erL          oserLoserL     
    Lo        Lose    erLo  rLose       oserLo       rLoserLos      
    er        erLo    oser     Loser    rLoserL      serLoser       
    ose        ser    rLo       rLos    serLose      LoserLose      
   erLo    os  Los    ser        erLo   Los          erL   rLo  r   
    ser    rL  erLo  rLos  Lose  oser   erLo    ose  ose   serLos   
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  oserLoserLo    oserLo    oserLoser   erLoserLoser oserL   rLos    


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