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The Queen Aston

French-Arabic Lesbian NYC Maitresse totale

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk.
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Mon petit,
I am a professional and established Maitresse in Manhattan. A lesbian who has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years. I am not a judge or jury. So, regardless of your experience level. Whether you are seasoned or a newbie who is merely curious with lots of questions, and in search of someone to be privy to all the sick thought you cannot tell anyone.

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Keep in mind, that I cater to dark fetish. TPE, consensual blackmail, femme fatale, and much more beyond the regular repertoire of most dommes you will find online. I set the value on my time not you. I am all about long term TPE (total power exchange.) Mind Fuckery, house wrecking, and having you serve at my amusement. Your clit is of zero importance to me.

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Call The Queen Aston for cyber domination

Purchase my 24 hr blackmail sample now for a taste of oppressive mind control now! I use financial domination as my cyber whip. (as it should be done) rather than it be my focus. My sessions are not a one size fits all choreography. They are nuanced. The reality is many of you do not know what they want until they experience it. I am a Dominant, not a puppet. Just because I take your fetishes into consideration, I reserve the right to use you however I deem necessary for my amusement. What I want is always more important.

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Call The Queen Aston for cyber domination

I have very few limits. Blood and children. Sorry, but I am not into cuckolding on any level. I am a lesbian. I have zero interest in watching you suck another man. I want to face fuck you with my strap on before I fuck you in the ass with it and remind you how useless your clit is to me. (I do not care how big it is, it's a clit to me.) I am more interested in how you can service and amuse me.

Cam is not available on this line. However, one can purchase my Skype ID, contact me there and arrange a time to call one of my other two listings for a cam session.
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My skype ID is for cam sessions only. Do not abuse the privilege. Or you will be subject to pay a nuisance tribute below.

Consider yourself warned mon petite.

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