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I'm Trish. You KNOW hot women like me don't talk to LOSER guys like you! We don't give you the time of day. Even if you're PAYING me, I won't talk to your LOSER ASS! But... if you're lucky... I'll let you listen in the background while I talk to a REAL man on the phone!

Don't expect me to engage with you at all. You'll be lucky if I even say hello when I answer your call. All you will hear is me setting down the phone and continuing what I was doing when you called me... SUCKING and FUCKING a real man over the phone. Hear me suck his cock. Hear me moan as he fucks my cunt good. Hear me orgasm as he gets me off. You WISH it was you on the other end of that phone. You WISH you could get a woman off like that. You wish a lot of things, but none of them are going to come true! LOL.

So sit back, close your eyes... and PRETEND I'm talking to you. Pretend... because it's NEVER going to happen. EVER! Have fun jerking off in the background, LOSER!! Bwahahaha!!!!

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