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Nikki Rose

Feed Me or I Fatten You! Feeder Fetish Fulfilled

Do you fantasize about a special relationship involving oral sex? To me oral sex is eating delicious, fattening foods! Do you want to feed me? I love being a fat girl! Do you want to make me fatter? Turn me into a gainer or be my overeating encourager? Make me an SSBBW? I'll have to gain @ 65 pounds to be a Supersized BBW Bombshell! OMG I love popcorn drowning in butter. At a local movie theater, the largest tub of buttered popcorn is called the Tub-o-Death because it has soooo much butter!

Do you want a BBW to feed you and make super chubby? Force feed you with a funnel? It's called feederism and the feeder does the feeding and the feedee eats and eats. Confess if you're into fatties! Be my Fat Admirer or Chubby Chaser or Encourager. I'm always hungry and craving to eat massive amounts of food or make you do the same! Stuff me! Of course, it's consensual!

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