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I command you to tell me about every last asset. .

There is Beauty in Wisdom.
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There is a Method to my Special sort of Madness darlings
Mistress Minerva Parker
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I am a fit, active individual with varied professional and personal life experience. I choose to engage in phone sex due the flexible nature of the industry, and the complexity of the people who call. As an actual MILF, a Mature, Strong, Determined Milf, you better believe I have been fucking with minds for quite some time now, sweetie. I am warning you, your little mind is fertile ground in which to sow my seeds of domestic domination. Ah yes, I've been at it for a long time now. It's best that you submit and obey.
A wise, benevolent Goddess with a great love of nature & spirituality and the creative process. Roads traveled: Mistress, Milf, Friend, Mentor, Professional hands on experience advising others, and above all, Seeker. In terms of stated bio, everything included is something that is an important aspect of past or present. If you call, be respectful enough to say a proper goodbye, and a proper thank you would be most appreciated. It is after all, in good taste to do so, and there is no excuse for rude behavior.Please note that there is no mention of age, breast size, weight, and so forth. Such information is not necessary.Do not ask; what you see is what you get.

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On the journey designated as life, there has been an inclination to dominate men. It is not merely a money making matter, but rather is of Personal Enjoyment. If you want to please, submit, and pay for having the pleasure of doing so. If you understand, call. If you are lapse in comprehension, call anyway, and your training shall began; your transformation from a supposed Mr. "all-that" to an actual Mr. "yes-ma'am."