Phone Sex

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Hello you worthle$$ $wine$! I am your Ma$ter now, 4 minute$ into thi$ call line you will receive my $kype. On $kype you the inferior will $how me why you truly de$erve to belong to me. You will go above and beyond expectation$ that anyone el$e ha$ given you! You will fall deeply into submission and everla$ting $ervitude! Your need$ will no longer be of any intere$t to anybody. You will forget that you even have a name. Your brain will turn into nothing but a programmed machine.. When I $ay to do something your brain will be programmed to do it. There will be no que$tion$ from your inferior mouth becau$e a$ I said you will be programmed to ONLY DO A$ TOLD and re$pond YE$ $IR, THANK YOU $IR! Nothing el$e will come out of that di$graceful mouth of your$ be$ide$ tho$e two phra$e$. Even deeper you will be pu$hed into complete $ubmi$$ion. You will learn that you are nothing but an object... A piece of property that I can do with a$ i plea$e.. No objection$ no e$cape no turning back. You will eventually hand over complete control to me.. Contract$ $igning your life away will be the la$t time you ever made your own deci$ion.. I dont tolerate in$ubordinance, Bitching, Gay talk, Crying, Begging for mercy OR the QUE$TIONING OF ANY OF MY DEMAND$. You've no free will to even do any que$tioning or bitching and that is how I REQUIRE my EMPIRE. Complete $ubmi$$ion and $ervitude!