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I am a dominant woman. The attributes that would define dominance were earned via my own individual life experience. In the past, I have dominated males in a capacity that meets the criteria as, "Lifestyle Domme," for what it's worth. HOWEVER, friends and neighbors, that is not what defines me as a Dominant Woman.It is my individual, unique experience in everyday life, that denotes dominance. Various job positions, being a mother, making decisions, and having the last word. It is not any single characteristic. Now that we have cleared that little matter up, let's move on. It just so happens that I have given actual advice in a professional capacity. Often, the men who needed direction could not keep their eyes off of me, and would stammer on occasion. More than a few walked away red faced, with an obvious erection. I took great care with my clothes, nylons, makeup and hair. I had lunch with the office sissy when not going out to a lunch with a man who served some purpose. Before long, I was the one sitting behind the desk, giving orders, and directing dozens of people, mostly men. It was good to give forth advice in a milieu that was mostly men. I crossed my legs and the shine from my expensive pantyhose made men weak. A certain look and it was evident that a roomful of men would capitulate to my will. Now I am here to do the same to you, and I have a feeling, you will not complain. So step in and have a seat, if you dare.
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On the journey designated as life, there has been an inclination to dominate men. It is not merely a money making matter, but rather is of Personal Enjoyment. If you want to please, submit, and pay for having the pleasure of doing so. If you understand, call. If you are lapse in comprehension, call anyway, and your training shall began; your transformation from a supposed Mr. "all-that" to an actual Mr. "yes-ma'am."