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I'm a princess. I deserve EVERYTHING.

Do you like my necklace?

I do. A boy bought it for me.

He thought that if he bought me a pretty necklace, I might let him do things to me.

But I knew what he wanted, and I didn't let him. And so he bought me more things. Expensive things. He kept trying, and trying, and trying, and buying, and buying, and buying.

And it never got him ANYWHERE!

And I kept laughing, and laughing, and LAUGHING!

Because I don't like dirty, smell boys. I want pretty, expensive things. I don't want to work. I want your paycheck. I want to go to the spa and be pampered. I want to go shopping with my friends and your money. I want you to pay for our manicures and pedicures. Then, when we go to the club, I love knowing that you're paying for our drinks but guess what? You're not even there. I want you to buy me jewelry. I want you to buy me new clothes, new shoes. I want you to buy me silky lingerie that you'll never see.

I want to be taken care of. Completely.

And I want you to do it.

And you will, too. Do you know why?

Because you're that boy.

And I am a PRINCESS!

You want my attention?

You know what you have to do

Send me a tribute.

And I might think about talking to you someday.