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You will be the delectable treat. Running and hiding, creeping on your belly, trying to silence the pounding of your heart as you listen for the sounds of my pursuit. I the Huntress seeking to pluck and plunder you. The clicking of my heels in the distance, the sound of my latex or leather whispering against my soft skin as I stride after you. You will be pursued, captured, enslaved and marked as my property. 

Admit it to yourself now. Go ahead. Just in your most private, secret thoughts. Whisper it under your breath so you can be sure you're the only one who hears. Whisper the words: "Miss Eva's helpless slave". How does that sound? Nice, right? 

Yes, toy, the erection is perfectly normal, for a weak creature like you.

My confidence, my power, my huntress' instincts, my avarice will become your infatuation. These are my claws, that I will sink into your flesh and pin you down with as your lust for me grows. Laying each dirty secret bare as I strip you of conceit, pretense, dignity, Leaving you sinewless as I beguile and draw you into my machinations.

With a dash of Stockholm, and a sprinkle of Lima we create the perfect intoxicating liquor on which to drown our demons.

Come be my trophy, my subject, my bridled animal. Come be whatever I choose to make of you. And I will rule over you as your Queen.

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