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Nicky Knightly

Rubenesque young woman waiting at home for you.

You stand outside the front door, holding the key to its lock in your hand. Do you insert it and see what awaits you inside or do you turn away and search for what you desire elsewhere? The choice is yours. If one were to peek into the windows, they would find a young woman, in her mid-twenties, curvy and beautiful with long brown hair that dangled about her features and fell below her breasts and a fair ways down her back, stopping about midway between her shoulder blades and her bottom. She dressed elegantly but simple, often a skirt and t-shirt, little if any make-up worn, she didn't need it to make herself lovely. The sweet song of a canary could be heard tweeting through the halls of the house, coming from the living room where its cage stood. She was curled up by the fireplace, a blanket wrapped around herself and a book in hand. Do you go inside or linger outside for a while longer?