Phone Sex

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Kim Coquette

You are not worthy, loser. Pay me to IGNORE YOU.


You don't deserve my attention.

You are a worthless lover, you are a worthless man, you are a worthless human being. You already know that women like me are above you, and I am so far above you that I refuse to even acknowledge your existence.

Do you think I would waste time on pathetic little losers like you when men are lining up to fuck my tight little Asian pussy? NOPE.

The most you will ever get from me, is the pleasure of spending your hard-earned money, minute after minute while I completely ignore you. You get the privilege of padding my pocket book, as you listen to me send emails, play video games, talk to my girlfriends, make dinner, and maybe, if you're lucky...masturbate or have one of my lovers service me.  OH, and laugh at you as you whimper on the line like the pathetic little worm you are.


This is my ignore line. Reserved ONLY for men who know they are not worthy of my attention. Beg all you want...if you call me here, you simply don't exist...