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Lady Ambrosia

Australia's Best Erotic Hypnotist

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I am Lady Ambrosia – one of Australia's
best known professional Mistresses with a
huge following both nationally and
internationally! Now available here on
Niteflirt. I am the REAL DEAL. With ten
years professional and lifestyle experience
and a streak of notoriety to boot, being a
devotee at my feet simply must be
experienced during your lifetime.

Guiding you into a deeply relaxed state
where reality melts away and you’re left
without inhibition, this is the ultimate in
psychological submission. Your nervous
system will be entirely under my thumb while
we take a walk through the deepest recesses
of your sexual unconscious. I’ll take full
advantage of the experience.

I have many years of experience with erotic
hypnosis and take pride in being Australia's
premier hypnodomme. Seasoned trance
explorers and beginners alike find themselves
nothing less than totally entranced by my
voice. Whether you want to “ride the haze”
or completely blackout into a state of
oblivion, I can take you there.

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If we have not sessioned previously, expect to take a few minutes discussing your specific bent on erotic hypnosis before I commence induction. Why? Trust and consent is essential in my practice as an erotic hypnotist. Some enjoy pure erotic play, like the feeling of being in an dreamy trance-like state and simply savouring that, or having your arousal levels toyed with by a sexual expert. On the other hand, some of you may want a strong dose of my power as a hypnodomme as well. I could make you feel like a real live horny girl, train you to love me and obsess over me, humiliate you, control your orgasms, control you financially, cuckold you or even plant triggers that will control your day to day life. The possibilities are endless. But be warned, once I begin entrancing you, you won't be able to help becoming addicted. There is something about being hypnotised by a Mistress with an Australian accent that has kept my admirers coming back for years on end. I am hypnotic aural seduction at its most compelling and irresistible. Call me to find out for yourself.

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My schedule on Niteflirt is haphazard due
to the fact that I prioritise my real-time
sessions. If you wish to keep tabs on when I
log into Niteflirt, purchasing my chat IDs
will ensure you'll be the first to know
whenever I am available for calls.

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