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Welcome to my Wonderland

Hi! My name's Alice and welcome to my wonderland =) Hope that your experience is as magical for you as it is for me! A little about me:

I am in my 20's still and love to have fun. Life should be all about fun. Work hard and play even harder. I have always been open minded despite growing up in a very conservative area where everything was shunned that was viewed as different. I guess this is why I never fit in, but I am okay with that.

As I grew up more and was able to venture out onto my own into a new and mysterious land I learned some things about myself. I would have never fit in where I grew up. I am far from your typical thinker and girl next door. I am curious and experimental. If I think I might like it, I am going to try it.

Now I suppose this kind of thinking could get me into trouble. If you knew anything about me at all, you would know I have had my fair share of trouble. I am far from a saint and have been known to get caught up in handcuffs. Not that I mind a little bondage here and there :P

What does that all mean? Well, it means that I am no prude. I like to have fun and I am not ashamed of it. If anyone can't accept that well screw 'em because I am just fine on my own.

I am definitely a dreamer and like to get caught up in a good fantasy. There is nothing like getting lost in a thought that evokes such a feeling you are lifted to cloud nine and feel as though you are in ecstasy.

I could go on really but I already feel like I have bored most of you enough so I will leave things at this: If you want to experience something magical between two people that leaves you breathless and sweating, then lets give this a chance and see where that magical feeling takes us.

I know I am ready if you are! Explore all areas of the unknown and find yourself falling through the dark tunnel trying to grab hold of anything nearby. Once at the bottom, cross over into my world where you will find me being mysteriously naughty and mischievous as I wait for you in my wonderland under the moon in the deep dark forest.