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Teach me, O Supreme, Diamond RoqGod, the knowledge of the Superior.

Guide me in thy wisdom. Penetrate me with thy presence.

Let me feel and experience the mindfuck you have for me.

Free me of my worldly concerns,

And lead me to true freedom.

Give me the strength to leave my comfort zone, proudly,

To explore that which is forbidden by those who believe they are wise.

Take away the fear that binds me and

Set me on my own truest… proudest path.

I may not be fully ready, but I embrace Him and Surrender nonetheless.

Allow me to see RoqGod's light as well as His darkness The fullness of my master… the Ultimate… the Diamond RoqGod.

Help me to believe in what is real and true; Not in the insanity of others.

If I could have anything, it would be to know His truth.

Penetrate me RoqGod. I surrender and embrace the evil."

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