Phone Sex

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King Lamia

Irish Domme. Cruel and Unyielding.

Before we get started, don't bother calling me if you're not going to read the following. If you're too lazy to get to know me then I have absolutely no interest in getting to know you. Read what I'm interested in and if it isn't for you, move on.

You will address me as Sir, this is important. Do not call me Goddess or Mistress. I am NOT a sensual domme, DON'T call me if you're looking for someone who's going to take your orders. I want real subs, not dumbasses who want to call me and jerk off while I call you a naughty boy. I want real subs who crave pain and humiliation, who will torture themselves just to hear me laugh at their tears.

I'm here because I desire a certain kind of extravagance and luxury in my life and you're going to give it to me because none of you are anything more than walking wallets to me, but that's alright because you love it that way don't you? You'll beg to hear me tease you, deny you, humiliate you, torture you and when we're done, you'll be back again aching for more.

We are not equal, you are akin to a piece of dirt on the ground to me. I am smarter than you, far better looking than you, funnier than you, more popular, more charming ... I could go on, but what I'm basically saying is .. I'M BETTER THAN YOU and your place is here serving me and bending to my will.

Call me for:

- Financial Domination
- Kink Shaming
- Ignore Fetish
- Public Humiliation (note that I will not involve any unwilling third parties in this so don't even ask)
- Verbal Humiliation