Phone Sex

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Do you wish to speak to the revered daughter of Isis, ruler of upper and lower Egypt? The likeness of the Egyptian cat Goddess of Sex, Sakhmet. A daughter of a Sun God, with ancient and royal blood running through Her veins? Her mercy has been granted to you, low servant.

Ready to have your mind blown away and to question everything you once held dear? Wondering what wisdom this ancient Goddess might tell you?

Prepared to relive your ancient fantasies? Pictures of orientalist harems, of fierce female slave-masters, of cruel seductresses. The mosques and palaces of rich sultans. Of a sinful succubus preying upon men for thousands of years? A historical Queen bathed in gold, jewels, silks, and the tears of her slaves.

I celebrate the ancient sexual rituals of the Ancient Mediterranean and you will participate with Me in sacred bacchanals. Mark your words carefully - You have the honor to speak to a living Goddess. Divine flesh. Ruler of two lands. Mistress of the Nile. Show your proper obeisance as a good slave should.