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Blackmail Nun

It's a Sin to Smoke there for I Do...

Some of you may not know this, but I’m a smoker. It does getting tiresome having to sneak around and not let any of the other nuns know I’m smoking since it is frowned upon. But the way I see if I’m already a fallen Nun from all the wicked things I do, so why not keep enjoying each and every puff. I love the aroma, I the feeling of the smoke each time I inhale, to have that first smoke of the day and oh yes to sit back and sip my coffee with my cigarette between my finger awaiting my lushes lips to wrap around the butt and my sweet spit adorning the cigarette butt all the while saving the feel and yes the knowing that I’m suppose to smoke just makes all the better. Some times though I find I’m in need of an ashtray, so I wonder if any of you sad twits would like to open up wide and be my ashtray, to kneel before me mouth open wide waiting for each and every ash I dump into your useless mouth and then the best part, when I deposit the butt into your mouth for you to eat and swallow. Don’t you just think that would be oh such a tasty treat?