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Counsellor Grace

I specialize in the total submission of men.

I know what you’re interested in. You can’t take your eyes off my tits and ass. You couldn’t care less about my mind or my hopes and dreams. That’s perfect! I like a man who underestimates me. I want you to buy into my, oh so sweet innocent act. Don’t be deceived. That evil glint in my eye isn’t just a glint from the camera. That is a sliver of pure mirthful mischief. I admit it! I am a prick tease. Watching you moan and complain that you need to cum gets me off. Orgasm denial is my specialty. I want to make you so fucking horny that your cock continually dribbles a stream of pre-cum as you beg for a gut wrenching release of thick and steamy man chowder. I want it to be chunky and rich like the frosting on a cum-laced birthday cake. I will make sure to rub your balls and pull them away from your body as every inch of your torso screams for a nut bursting orgasmic deluge that will have you crying for more. I want you to beg me to jack your cock faster and faster until you blow wads of ropey spunk streams. Trust me when I say that I am a no-nonsense bitch. I will definitely take you beyond rock hard and put you in a place of ecstatic agitation. I will slowly drive you insane with lust as I tease you with my sexy body, delightfully demur hands, and sensual and hypnotic voice. You will give up complete and total control as I tease you relentlessly. I am a masterful whore who has no compunction when it comes to milking your big balls for all they are worth. I want you to shower my tits and face in a fountain of creamy white froth as cum erupts from your gaping pee hole like a fish gasping for air. Call me and I will make you unload like no one else ever has. Some of my favorite fantasies include: Cuckold Humiliation Sissification Forced Feminization Forced Homosexuality Strap-Ons Panty Boys Lingerie Leg and Foot Worship Body Worship Creampies Face-Sitting Teasing Orgasm Denial and Chastity All fetishes, roleplay and perversions are welcum.