Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hi there, My name is Caprice. I am super friendly, easy to talk to and extremely intelligent with a deliciously dirty mind and limitless imagination. I'm exceedingly good at, and enjoy immensely, what I do, and I can assure your call will be an unforgettable experience. I want you feel comfortable and welcome, whatever you are into and I strive for that. I enjoy role play and will take you where you want to go and then some…

I can weave a tale that will leave you breathless and reeling ... I give a great GFE or I can thoroughly humiliate you or just ignore you altogether. Your call. I can be your spoiled princess or your cuckold fantasy… I can hurt you then I can kiss it and make it all better… Or I can leave you bleeding and begging for more.

Sky’s the limit.

I love experimenting and toying with new ideas. Just tell me what it is you want, and if it is not on my “taboo” list, I will make it happen just the way you want it, right down to the last detail, with the possible addition of a few you may not have even thought of…

Into a little BDSM? Me too, just note that I am NOT a submissive. So whipping, beating or binding ME is not on the menu..

YOU on the other hand..

Well now, that's a different story entirely.

I do so love bondage... Knots that hold and ties that bind.. Ah yes. However, I will be the one doing the binding, with YOU as my little submissive slave whore. I have a long hard strop with your name on it.. If YOU like being bound, tortured, mercilessly teased, and fucked (If i allow it of course..) My whip cracks hard and I am happy to accommodate..

Or maybe you want me to dress you up in some lacy, frilly, delicates, and we can do each others make-up and polish each others toenails?

Speaking of feet… A little foot worship perhaps? I’m all in. You may worship me any way you please.

Imagine it, you torn down into nothing, existing only for my pleasure and amusement. ;-)

The only limits are those of our imaginations


How far can we go?

Imagine. Dream. Call. I am waiting…

If I'm not available, please send NF Mail.

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Caprice ---

Suck my nipples till they are hard and I will tease your cock untill you’re screaming and writhing in ecstasy…

NOW...MY TABOOS:Yes, I have some.. I am by NO means, "vanilla", BUT, there a few things that I will not discuss. These are as follows::

  • Sexual fantasies involving minors
  • Bestiality or ANYTHING involving animals.
  • Anything that is against this platform’s TOS, (refer to member terms of service) as I do not wish to be banned from the site.
  • Fantasies involving extreme violence (to either party)
  • Torture (of me)
  • Bondage (of me)
  • Snuff.

I understand if any of these subjects are your thing, I can respect that, you are not alone, but I will not discuss them. Just want to get that out up front to avoid any possible misunderstandings and you running up your cc contacting me, only to leave disappointed. I want this experience to be a mutually enjoyable one. ;)

If, however, you insist, on attempting to converse with me on any of these subjects, be advised that I will NOT hang up on you. Yep, I will NEVER hang up on you. Why hang up? I get paid as long as you’re on the line no matter what it is you are going on about… Therefore, I will keep the line open as long as you do, but I will not engage with you. So it will, in essence, become an “ignore” line. But hey, if that’s what you’re into, by all means go for it. I’m in. I'll get paid to watch movies, blog, and do things around the house while you prattle on to yourself... Works for me! :)

Caprice Storm OXOX

Available to take calls every Mon - Thur: 8 pm to 1 am MST