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Mistress Miranda Rider WebCam

Who am I, you ask? I am the girl next door you’ve been fantasizing about for years, the queen you dream of serving, the kittenish ingénue with sharp, hidden claws, declining to pounce ‘til you least expect it; I am the temptress you long to yield to, the siren who keeps you awake at night with her softly insistent whispering; the femme fatale who will coax you into surrendering your dignity and swallowing your pride (amongst other tasty treats); the Domina who knows your proper place and how best to put you in it. But you can call Me Mistress Miranda … Say it with Me. Mistress Miranda. My vocation is the realization of fantasies and My ability lies in the exploration of taboo, the perversion of social conventions, the creation of alter-realities, and the subtle manipulation of pleasure and pain, amongst many other talents. Does that pique your interest? While the proper term for My calling is dominatrix or domina, don’t jump to conclusions— I am not a sadist or Female Supremacist. In other words, I do not enjoy inflicting pain on the unwilling or unappreciative, nor do I have anything against the male gender as a whole. In fact, I prefer the company of men in general (those who spoil Me rotten and jump to do My bidding, in particular), which is exactly why I choose to surround Myself with them. I’m what you might refer to as an ultra-tease; I relish skillfully wielding the heady power of My femininity, and the exploitation of suspense, the manipulation of your senses, and My own physical presence (the perfume of My hair, the heat of My skin, the bite of My nails, the flutter of My eyelashes on the back of your neck, My voice purring promises and threats softly into your open ear) make up the fundamental elements of My arsenal. Whether you crave pleasure or pain, praise or humiliation, comfort or punishment (or a little of both), I’ll discover what makes your flesh prickle, what sends shivers up your spine and causes your heart to race—and I’ll hold it just slightly out of reach until you beg and plead and promise anything for just a taste. Just one small taste. I’ve been manipulating the minds and bodies of the sexually enlightened since 2000 but my personal thirst for the forbidden extends back to early childhood. No, I didn’t tie up my dolls or boss around the neighborhood boys; rather, I spent entire summers in the crawl space under my family’s house with a flashlight and reams of completely inappropriate reading material. The nefarious deviances I encountered on those yellow pages are still shocking by today’s standards and planted seeds in the fertile fields of My imagination that would bloom into a brilliant torture garden. It would be years before I was able to put these lessons into practice but when I finally did it was like picking up a violin for the first time and realizing you already know how to play. My specialties include: Tease & Denial Strapon/Slut Training NT & CBT Foot, Leg, & Ass Worship Spanking & Corporal Financial Domination Role Play Story Telling Pinup Clothing Ruined Orgasm Verbal Humiliation Smoking