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Miss Mercury

Blue Haired, Bitchy Hipster FinDomme

Hello, I am Miss Mercury. I am a blue-haired 23 year old FinDomme and I am looking for a few loyal cash pigs. I'm smarter than you and my tastes are far better than yours. Your money would be better suited in my hands, where I will spend it on things that actually matter.

I have 2 degrees and I'm on my way to a PhD in Philosophy. If you say something stupid or make a mistake, I will shame you into total submission. If you like things that are completely idiotic, I will reset your brain; the things I like will be the only things you'll like.

I'll travel the world with your money, I'll throw the best parties, I'll buy expensive vinyl records - I'll do everything that'll make me the center of attention. And you? You'll be sitting on your loser ass waiting for me to pick up your calls and respond to your messages. You'll tell all your friends about me and they won't believe you. "This guy could never talk to a girl like that," they'll think.

Let's be real - I"m the coolest Domme you'll ever have the pleasure of serving. I'm confident I can make you less loser-y than what you are now - but only if you do what I say.

Love, Miss Mercury