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Greedy Princess wants to drain your account

Welcome to your true purpose for existence. I hope that you've figured out what it is by now..
I'll give you a little hint.
It goes something like this..

You slave away at a menial job, working hard so that you can hand it all over to Me.
That's right. Your wallet? It's all Mine. Because I am far too young, beautiful, and above all, superior to be working at some boring desk job. I have a way of getting what I want. And right now, it's your cold hard cash, (not your hard dick, so you can put that away).
I'm about to drain your entire account, and I'll tell you just how I'm going to spend it.

I'm going to find a sexy know, like the kind you can't get? Yeah, her.
I'm taking her out to a nice spa date, and perhaps a fancy dinner after. Don't're totally invited too!
But best believe that it's only going to be so that you can pick up the tab after we're done.
After that, I'm going to take your credit cards...and who knows...I've being eyeing this resort in Bali...

Hands off your dick, and hand over your wallet. I want it nicely wrapped in your dignity.