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Bow Down to Goddess Athena...the Most Deserving of Deities!!!

I am that exquisite eye-catching belle you only dare to sneak glances at. You know how unworthy you are, how you could never deign to breathe the air of a vision like ME. I'm beautiful, raven-haired, educated, well-traveled, slim, sexy, exotic, with sultry caramel eyes and full luscious lips. I've always been a naturally dominant heartbreaker.
Ever since my adolescence when I flowered into a true Goddess, silly fools have spoiled me, begged me to give them the slightest bit of attention; having no personality or charms that could possibly match mine, vying for their way in with material things as silly puppies are wont to do.
I don't consider myself spoiled, not in the least. I simply acknowledge that I am a true Goddess and deserve to be treated as such. Yes. This is my Queendom and I dictate the rules here. So, know what you're getting into, loser.
Upon entering my Queendom, my subjects will submit, tribute, honor and serve me accordingly. I'm the only woman in your life for whom you will breathe, live, work, serve. You will work yourself to the bone to fulfill my every need and whim. You will beg for me to take it all.
BOW DOWN TO ME! I AM Her Royal Serene Highness of Humiliation, the Brazen Princess of Pay piggies & puppies, THE UNTOUCHED EXQUISITENESS, Empress of ATMs, Merciless Maiden of Beauty and Blackmail, Queen Athena, Empress of Luxury.
This is my lifestyle and expect that any peasants that submit themselves to me and my whims know what they are signing themselves up for. A true coquette, I am not for the faint of heart, or credit. I live in New York City-- where else would a Queen live but the epicenter of the world?-- where my little minions take care of all of my wants and needs, be it a shopping spree on Madison Ave to having my every meal delivered, and errand completed. My little pets take care of every task and remittance.
I am nothing if not a money-hungry capitalist Queen. I am well-educated, traveled and have a successful business on top of a legion of devoted followers. I speak 3 languages and have lived on 4 continents. I don't even need you. I can't deny that it's a perfect lifestyle. Why would I? To spare your pathetic little fee-fees? I think not. My life is great, and draining your wallet makes it even better. Are you ready to take a step inside my Queendom? To submit yourself to me wholly and fully? To give up your former life? To give me your tears? Servitude? Adoration? Fear? Money? Believe me if you don't give it to me, I will take it from you. I am a greedy, greedy Deity... I can never have too many minions in My harem. Another loser wants to devote their life to Me? Surprise, surprise. Let's go, puppy.