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Imagine this. It's 9:30 pm Work is only a few hours away at 7am and your tired and comfortable lying in bed. You can't decide weather you want to take a shower now and get a few extra minutes of sleep or wake up earlier and end up being late anyways. It's quiet and dark and you start to daydream a bit and get this image in your head, of your own version of your dream woman. You start to feel relaxed and your heart begins to beat a little faster, and your breathing get's a little heavier. The woman you were seeing in your mind is now touching your neck with just the tip of her nose, you can feel her long flowing black hair brushing against your chest. Taking in the sweet scent of her hair with every deep inhale as it grows harder to breathe feeling yourself tense up with every bare touch of her skin to yours sending vibrations up and down your body...... What I did there was Visualize a movie scene and you were the director now you just need an actress to play your leading lady. Let me be that girl I want to audition for the role of your star role. You can direct me into what you are seeing and it's my job to fulfill my duties and do everything I can to get into character. My name is Tinsley, I am a wild gal with crazy imagination , and a one of a kind personality. I have a very vivid imagination and am very in tune with my body. I have no limits everything thrown my way is a new adventure. I want to take you by the hand and explore you , I want to peel you open layer by layer like a forbidden fruit . I want to taste if your ripe in the core full of juicy sweetness in the middle, or full of rotten bittersweet goodness. , I want to get inside your head . So Mr Director, I am awaiting for my casting callback. I can assure your I am just what your looking for. Call my agent and let's make that " New York's Most talked about Bestseller " "Feature Presentation" ♥ BABYCAKES